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Benchling stock
Founded: 2012Funding to Date: $425M

Benchling is a developer of a laboratory collaboration platform that aims to expedite and enhance teamwork in life science research. Benchling's platform offers a range of integrated applications that are designed to speed up R&D processes at all stages. This enables scientists to design, share, and document experiments, and share DNA-sequence data via the cloud. As a result, researchers have the necessary resources to speed up, assess, and predict R&D from discovery to bioprocessing, all from a single platform.

Investors include:
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Beyond Identity

Beyond Identity stock
Founded: 2019Funding to Date: $206M

Beyond Identity has developed identity management systems that provide secure, passwordless authentication integrated with Single sign-on (SSO) and customer applications. The platform by Beyond Identity revolutionizes the login process without modifying the existing technology stack or procedures, and substitutes passwords with fundamentally asymmetric-key cryptography. This enables organizations to effectively eliminate credential-stuffing attacks.

Investors include:
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BigID stock
Founded: 2016Funding to Date: $319M

BigID is the creator of a sophisticated, data-driven protection and privacy compliance platform intended to enhance the way corporations handle and safeguard personal data privacy. Their platform leverages cutting-edge machine learning and identity intelligence to aid enterprises in protecting their sensitive data, minimizing the risk of data breaches, and achieving compliance with emerging data protection regulations such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation. This empowers enterprises to effectively manage and protect their customer data, which is an invaluable asset.

Investors include:
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Bilt Rewards

Bilt Rewards stock
Founded: 2020Funding to Date: $403M

Bilt Rewards has developed a rewards platform that enables renters to collect points on rent. The platform collaborates with real estate owners and credit card companies to offer renters points for paying their rent. These points can be transferred one-to-one for travel across major airlines and hotel partners, as well as future down payments. Bilt Rewards' platform empowers cardholders to lay the groundwork for future homeownership.


Consumer Services
Cart.com stock
Founded: 2020Funding to Date: $347M

Cart.com is a developer of e-commerce-as-a-service software, created with the intention of scaling businesses online. The company's software encompasses services like business planning, merchant financing, order fulfillment, and marketing. This enables clients to better manage their online business and boost their revenue.

Cerebras Systems

Cloud Infrastructure and AI Hardware
Cerebras Systems stock
Founded: 2016Funding to Date: $1.12B

Cerebras Systems is a designer and manufacturer of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) processing platform on a wafer-scale, which is designed to transform machine learning by integrating model training and inference on a single device. The company's robust platform includes a processor (the WSE), the Cerebras system (the CS-2), and a specialized software suite, all of which offer unmatched performance and scalability for intense deep learning tasks. This empowers customers to expedite their research and innovation processes and create novel AI products and services.

Investors include:
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Chainalysis stock
Founded: 2014Funding to Date: $587M

Chainalysis has developed a cryptocurrency investigation and compliance software that is designed to safeguard the intersection of finance and the decentralized web. Their platform facilitates the transfer of value online and introduces innovative methods of data analysis, visualization, and actionable intelligence to preserve the authenticity of cryptocurrency transactions. This enables financial institutions to engage with businesses transacting on the blockchain while maintaining their compliance requirements.

Investors include:
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Cloud Infrastructure and AI Hardware
Chronosphere stock
Founded: 2019Funding to Date: $348M

Chronosphere has developed an expandable cloud-native monitoring instrument that aims to remove the cognitive burden of supervising infrastructure and managing data locality. Chronosphere's tool inspects the well-being of infrastructure, applications, and business in a unified platform and addresses intricate problems by tracing them across various layers of the stack. This allows businesses to function dependably on a larger scale and make accurate, data-driven decisions.

Investors include:
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Sales & Marketing / Adtech
Clari stock
Founded: 2012Funding to Date: $569M

Clari, the developer of a revenue operations platform, aims to enhance efficiency, predictability, and growth throughout the entire revenue cycle. The platform utilizes automation, AI, and real-time big data analytics for preparing and following up on meetings, updating the contact database, and forecasting sales revenues. This provides teams with complete visibility into their business, making their revenue process more interconnected, efficient, and predictable.

Investors include:
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Data Management and Analytics
ClickHouse stock
Founded: 2021Funding to Date: $451M

ClickHouse has developed an online analytical processing (OLAP) database management system specifically designed to facilitate real-time analytics. This system not only supports exceptional industry query performance but also minimizes storage requirements. ClickHouse's system can process an enormous number of rows and gigabytes of data per server within a short time frame. This provides enterprises with a secure, dependable, and scalable solution to streamline all their data processing requirements.

Investors include:
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Operations, Productivity And Communication
Cresta stock
Founded: 2017Funding to Date: $158M

Cresta has developed a customer experience platform that aims to enhance and scale customer service quality. Cresta's platform provides timely and accurate information from sales agents, thereby boosting the efficiency and conversion rate of the rest of the team. This enables businesses to potentially double the productivity of their sales and service team.

Investors include:
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DailyPay stock
Founded: 2015Funding to Date: $332M

DailyPay is the creator of a financial wellness platform that offers top-tier earned wage access for all sectors. It provides a digital wallet system that includes an innovative on-demand pay technology. This system empowers employees to transfer their earnings directly to any bank account, debit card, or prepaid card. They can then use this money to pay bills, accumulate savings, invest in various avenues, and purchase goods and services.