Charitable Remainder Trusts

Lifetime Income

How do I grow my assets tax free while receiving annual cash distributions?

Exchange shares for an Exchange Fund interest and then contribute that interest into a Charitable Remainder Trust. Your fund interest will appreciate tax-free, while you receive cash distributions each year. Plus, you get a big tax deduction when you create the trust.

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Grow Assets Tax Free

Your Exchange Fund interest will appreciate tax-free in your trust. Over time, avoiding capital gains tax on your investments can increase your wealth dramatically.

Receive Cash Distributions

Receive annual cash distributions over your lifetime by redeeming part of your Exchange Fund interest in the the trust each year.

Reduce Your Taxes

Receive a tax write-off in the year you create the trust equal to ~10% of the value of the Exchange Fund interest you contribute to your trust.

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What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a trust account into which you transfer assets, including fund interests, tax-free. The trust then pays you (or your designee) an income stream for the life of the trust. You can choose the term of the trust or have the term be your lifetime. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are distributed to the charities you select.

Another major benefit of these trusts is the ability to contribute assets into them and then sell them and reinvest the proceeds all tax-free. You also get a tax deduction, usually about 10% of the value of the contributed assets, in the year you created the trust.

Unicorn shareholders create a Charitable Remainder trust by exchanging some of their shares for a Collective Exchange Fund partnership interest and then contributing that interest into their trust:

  • The exchange and contribution to the trust are both tax-free.
  • Receive an immediate tax write off equal to the value of the exchanged shares.
  • Redeem a portion of your fund interest for cash and either reinvest it tax-free or receive it in a distribution.
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How a Charitable Remainder Trust worksGrow your assets tax-free while still receiving cash distributions and reducing your taxes

Exchange your unicorn shares

Exchange your stock tax-free for a partnership interest of equal value in the Collective Exchange Fund, our diversified portfolio of leading unicorns like yours


If you hold $500,000 worth of shares in one of the companies eligible for exchange, you exchange your shares for a $500,000 partnership interest in the fund tax-free. This diversifies your holdings and reduces your risk.

Create your Trust

Form your trust and customize its terms to meet your needs - then contribute your Exchange Fund interest into your trust and earn a tax deduction equal to ~10% of the value of the fund interest


Form your Charitable Remainder Trust, customizing its parameters to fit your needs and contribute your $500,000 partnership interest into it. Take an immediate ~$50,000 tax deduction.

Take your distributions

Each year after the first, redeem some of your Exchange Fund partnership interest for cash tax free - use the cash to fund new investments tax-free and/or take cash distributions


After the first year, your partnership interest has appreciated and is now worth $620,000. Redeem $40,000 of the interest for cash and take that cash as a distribution. The following year the partnership interest is now worth $700,000 - you elect to redeem $60,000, taking $20,000 in a distribution and reinvesting the other $40,000 tax-free into new assets to further diversify.

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