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Founded: 2002Funding to Date: $6B
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SpaceX is a developer of rockets and spacecraft products designed to redefine space transportation. SpaceX designs and manufactures reusable space launch vehicles that are capable of transporting cargo, humans, and other payloads into space. The company's innovative features include an attached trunk, a parachute system, multiple engines, and oxygen-based propellants. This allows the space industries to benefit from and experience affordable spaceflights.

Investors include:
Sequoia Capital logo
Founders Fund logo
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Further Key Investors:

Vibora Capital, Flux Capital, GigaFund, Millennia Capital, D1 Capital Partners, Novos Capital, Side Door Ventures, Oak Grove Ventures, London Impact Ventures, SXM Global, Brown Street Ventures, UpVentures, HOF Capital, Rivercrest Global, Spur Capital Partners, Future Communities Capital, Junipero Capital Management, SiO Capital (Texas), Vy Capital, LFG Ventures (VC), Darsana Capital Partners, Hedonova, Empire Group International, Knockout Capital, Gaven Capital.

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Management Team

Bret JohnsenChief Financial Officer & President of Strategic Acquisitions Group
Tim HughesSenior Vice President & General Counsel
Joao SemedoCo-Chief Technology Officer
Brian GowerChief Marketing Officer
Jamin GallmanDirector of Human Resources, Diversity & Learning
Robert ReaganVice President of Machining Operations
Mark JuncosaVice President of Vehicle Engineering

Board Members

Antonio J. GraciasBoard Member
Barry SchulerBoard Member
David S. KidderBoard Member
Donald HarrisonBoard Member
Elon MuskBoard Member
Gwynne E. ShotwellBoard Member
Ira EhrenpreisBoard Member
Kimbal MuskBoard Member
Luke NosekBoard Member
Randall GleinBoard Member
Stephen T. JurvetsonBoard Member

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SpaceX in the News

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A court ruling favoring SpaceX could provide companies with a powerful defense against DOJ employment discrimination lawsuits.

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Starbase is spread over properties around 20 miles east of downtown Brownsville, near park land, ranches and a National Wildlife Refuge

Source: CNBCWhite House slams Musk 'antisemitic rhetoric,' but says 'foolish' to drop SpaceX contracts

The Pentagon has hired SpaceX's Starlink to provide internet coverage to Ukraine, and its Starshield to develop a military specific satellite version.

Source: MarketWatch: Biden administration isn’t ending U.S. reliance on Elon Musk’s SpaceX, White House says

White House spokesman John Kirby on Monday told reporters that’s he’s “not aware” of any Biden administration efforts to wean the U.S. government off SpaceX’s technology in response to founder Elon Musk’s apparent endorsement of antisemitic rhetoric. “There’s…

Source: ForbesWill SpaceX Starship Influence Venture Funding For Space?

The IFT-2 is one of the largest, most powerful spaceships ever made, and completed its launch following a failed run this April (this time the ‘ship’ completed its ini...

Source: Barron'sSpaceX's Huge Starship Blew Up Again. Progress Was Made.

SpaceX tested its huge Starship rocket on Saturday.

Source: CNBCSpaceX attempts second Starship rocket launch

SpaceX first launched a full Starship rocket system in April, a historic test for a vehicle of unprecedented scale.

Source: CNBCElon Musk says SpaceX should receive clearance to attempt second Starship launch this week

SpaceX needs a launch license from the FAA in order to make its second attempt at flying Starship to space.

Source: ForbesAmerica’s Largest Private Companies 2023: Cargill Stays On Top, SpaceX Debuts

Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the Fireball whiskey maker and nine other newcomers rocket into the ranks of Forbes’ annual list of the largest private companies.

Source: Business InsiderElon Musk's SpaceX will be worth half a trillion dollars by 2030, billionaire investor Ron Baron predicts

Ron Baron previously predicted that Tesla will be valued at $4 trillion within a decade, calling the EV maker's CEO Elon Musk a "brilliant guy."

Source: CNBCStarlink’s rapid growth and influence has made it an indispensable part of ElonMusk’s SpaceX

Starlink is SpaceX’s answer to providing global, high-speed internet coverage using a network of thousands of satellites buzzing around the Earth.

Source: ForbesBillionaire Investor Predicts SpaceX’s Starlink Will Go Public Around 2027

Ron Baron, who reportedly owns a $1.7 billion stake in SpaceX, also expects the company to be worth $250 billion to $300 billion by that time.

Source: ReutersStarlink achieves cash-flow breakeven, says SpaceX CEO Musk

Article URL: https://www.reuters.com/technology/elon-musk-says-starlink-has-achieved-breakeven-cash-flow-2023-11-02/ Comments URL: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38157120 Points: 20 # Comments: 2