VC Pioneers: Collective Co-founders on Liquidity, Innovation and Investment Insights (Podcast)

Our Co-founders Greg Brogger and Jeff Nazzaro recently engaged in a conversation with The Taroko Talks podcast, delving into the secondary market and elucidating how Collective Liquidity strengthens the ecosystem (31:04 minutes)

Taroko Talks (Podcast) · 24th Apr 2024
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Episode Description

In this engaging podcast episode, Taroko Talks journey into the dynamic world of Venture Capital with industry trailblazers Greg Brogger and Jeff Nazzaro.

Greg Brogger, is the current Co-founder & CEO of Collective Liquidity. He co-founded several startups and is a former ex-president of Nasdaq Private Markets. Additionally, Greg serves in the board at Forge. On the other side, Jeff Nazzaro, spent +20 years at Goldman Sachs, where he was Managing Director of Global Sales & Cross-Asset Sales. Additionally, he was CEO of Corporate Division & Head of Global Payments at PagaTodo, a prominent Mexican Fintech Company, before founding Collective Liquidity alongside Greg Brogger.

Hear their compelling stories, from co-founding startups to leading major financial institutions, and discover how these experiences have influenced their forward-thinking approach to investing.

We'll uncover the pivotal moments that shaped their careers and delve into the critical role of secondary markets in today's evolving investment landscape. Learn how their innovative firm, Collective Liquidity, is addressing market gaps with cutting-edge solutions.

From mastering the complexities of valuing private companies to harnessing AI for investment strategies, Greg and Jeff also share their vision for the future of asset management.

Stay tuned for an action-packed rapid-fire round on asset allocation. This episode offers a treasure trove of insights. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation you won't want to miss!


  • Collective Liquidity leverages secondary markets to provide liquidity and unlock value for shareholders.
  • Diversification and transparency are key in venture investing, and Collective Liquidity offers instant diversification and transparent pricing.
  • Tokenization has the potential to modernize asset management, and Collective Liquidity is open to exploring this avenue in the future.
  • AI can be leveraged for efficiency and personalized wealth management solutions in asset and wealth management.
  • The number of tech unicorns in the private market is now roughly equal to those in the public market, having slightly fluctuated in 2024. If you seek growth equity returns and only invest in the public market, you're missing half the market, which consists of slower growth companies. In contrast, the private market offers access to high-growth tech companies, where growth rates of 30-40% are more attainable. As a result, the most promising growth companies prefer to remain private rather than going public.
  • Lessons for family offices, advisors, and high net worth individuals include understanding what you're investing in, pricing discipline, and the benefits of venture strategy in portfolio diversification.

NOTE: This podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Anything said by the guests or the host should not be construed as legal or investment advice.

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