Collective Insights Series

Generating lifetime income from unicorn shares

by Collective Liquidity|
18th June, 2024

We're excited to announce the next webinar in our Collective Insight Series. Mani Mahadevan, founder and CEO of, will delve into the considerable financial advantages charitable remainder trusts (CRT) offer employees of venture backed companies. Mani will explain how employees can combine an exchange into the Collective Exchange Fund with a CRT to generate an immediate tax write-off and a stream of annual cash payments to themselves while building long-term wealth tax free within their trusts.

Hosted by Greg Brogger, CEO & Co-founder of Collective Liquidity.

Topics we will discuss include:

  • Why use a CRT
  • Who is a good candidate for a CRT
  • How an Exchange Fund works with a CRT
  • How does the process work with Collective Liquidity

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Greg Brogger's portrait

Greg Brogger

CEO & Co-founder, Collective Liquidity

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Mani Madhaven

CEO & Founder, Valur