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Founded: 2015Funding to Date: $281M
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ZenBusiness has developed a digital business development platform designed to assist individuals in establishing and filling out company details. The platform allows users to verify and select a business name and check its availability before filing. ZenBusiness submits all required paperwork to the state for business formation and offers expert advice in the legal and business sectors through business specialists. This aids entrepreneurs in resolving issues and obtaining accurate information and support to establish their businesses.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Slow Ventures, Mark VC, Cathay Capital Private Equity, Long Journey Ventures, Breyer Capital, Alpha Partners, Geekdom Fund, Hurt Family Investments, Cathay Innovation, Oak HC/FT, Lerer Hippeau, Calm Ventures, Capital Factory, Notley Ventures, Recruit Strategic Partners, Greycroft, Brian Sharples, Pathfinder Partners, Alumni Ventures, Blue Note Ventures, David Hunt, Chicago Ventures, GreatPoint Ventures, Revolution (Washington DC), Flexis Capital.

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