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Founded: 2005Funding to Date: $135M
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Viridos is the creator of a genomic-driven technology aimed at tackling global energy and environmental issues. Their technology concentrates on bio-based production with the goal of enhancing current biological production hosts and creating entirely new synthetic ones. This allows both academic and commercial research and development organizations to achieve more efficient production of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutritional and bio-industrial products, all originating from renewable biological resources.

Investors Include:

Greg Bisconti, Donald Braun, The Meteor Group, Genting Genomics, United States Department of Defense, Breakthrough Energy, United Therapeutics, Invitrogen, Leaps by Bayer, United Airlines Holdings, Jean Hammond, Biotechonomy, Plenus, OS Fund, Excel Venture Management, Lung Biotechnology, Thermo Fisher Scientific, ACGT Sdn Bhd, bp Ventures, Chevron.

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