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Founded: 2016Funding to Date: $440M
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Tekion is the creator of a platform constructed in the cloud, designed to link automotive retail to digital experiences. The platform provided by Tekion delivers digital sales oversight, opportunities for personalized upselling and cross-selling, compliance supervision, customer interaction, data analysis, two-way integration, customer retention, accounting, and more. This allows car dealers to explore improved methods of conducting business, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting efficiency, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Investors Include:

FM Capital (Boulder), BMW i Ventures, Joe Serra, Monta Vista Capital, Hyundai CRADLE, BluePointe Ventures, Index Ventures, General Motors, AME Cloud Ventures, Durable Capital Partners, Advent International, EXOR Seeds, PartnerRe, Airbus Ventures, Holman Growth Ventures, Alkeon Capital Management, Alliance Ventures, Storm Ventures, Exor.

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