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Founded: 2017Funding to Date: $83M
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Substack, a subscription-based publishing platform operator, is designed to aid writers in monetizing their newsletter subscriptions. The platform created by the company empowers bloggers to launch email newsletters, publish content, and directly earn income from their subscriber products, thereby allowing them to monetize their audiences and operate on their own terms.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Cody Heisinger, TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC, ZhenFund, Micron Ventures, Triton Funds, VentureSouq, Wei Guo, Other People's Capital, Celesta Capital, Wisdom Ventures, CLF Partners, Niche Capital (San Francisco), Fifty Years, Emmett Shear, Collaborative Fund, GarageCapital, Xfund, Y Combinator, Kenji Niwa, McWin Partners, J17 Capital, UpHonest Capital, Justin Waldron, Duro Ventures, FundersClub.