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Standard AI stock

Standard AI Stock

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Founded: 2017Funding to Date: $264M
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Standard AI is a company that creates autonomous checkout technology, intended to simplify procedures for physical retailers. Their technology employs artificial intelligence to allow customers to shop and pay without having to scan items or pause for payment, while also accepting both cash and credit transactions. This enables retailers to cut down labor expenses, enhance customer experience, and boost profit margins.

Investors Include:

Sax Capital, Plug and Play Tech Center, SV Angel, Liquid 2 Ventures, Michael Ghaffary, Raison Asset Management, Upscale Strategies Fund, EQT Ventures, Karman Ventures, HiJoJo Partners, B-Engine, SK Networks, Hico Capital, SoftBank Investment Advisers, Brendan Weitz, Transpose Platform Management, Alexis Ohanian, Initialized Capital Management, NP Capital, Compass Digital Ventures, Open Seed, Pariter Partners, G Squared, Joint Journey Intelligent Investments, Jigsaw Ventures.

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