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Founded: 2017Funding to Date: $76M
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Retool, the developer of a platform for constructing tools, is designed to facilitate the building of custom business tools without the need for programming language proficiency. Retool's platform enables the quick and precise creation of interfaces for displaying and manipulating data along with custom workflows. This allows businesses to concentrate on their product and specialities, while providing their operation development teams with the resources necessary for success.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Y Combinator, Tomer London, Daniel Gross, Caryn Marooney, Quiet Capital, Peter Reinhart, John Collison, Andrew Miklas, CapitalX, Magic Fund, Elad Gil, HNVR Technology Investment Management, Greg Brockman, Jay Simons, Nat Friedman, Pedro Franceschi, Liquid 2 Ventures, S2 Capital, Henrique Dubugras, SV Angel, Maverick Ventures, BOND Capital (San Francisco), Paul Graham, Zillionize, Patrick Collison.

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