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Founded: 2015Funding to Date: $368M
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ReCode Therapeutics, a developer of targeted delivery technology, is designed to cater to patients suffering from rare diseases. The company's platform leverages lipid nanoparticles to deliver genetic therapies accurately to specific organs and tissues. This could potentially address the shortcomings of existing gene therapy methods and offer new hope for patients with unmet medical needs. Thus, providing healthcare firms that handle life-limiting respiratory diseases with access to effective treatments.

Investors Include:

Bioluminescence Ventures, Solasta Ventures, Osage University Partners, Evolution VC Partners, Matrix Capital Management, Colt Ventures, Amgen Ventures, Timefolio Capital, Paratus Investment, Leaps by Bayer, EcoR1 Capital, Pfizer Ventures, AJU IB Investment, Ayur Maya, Vida Ventures (Boston), Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Hunt Technology Ventures, OrbiMed, MPM BioImpact, Sanofi Ventures, Superstring Capital Management, Blockchange Ventures.