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Founded: 2019Funding to Date: $178M
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Optimism is the creator of a secure, decentralized infrastructure platform that scales Ethereum. The company is committed to promoting fair access to internet public goods by developing open-source software for public benefit and operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, Optimism ensures the validity of every state update, thereby providing a valuable service to businesses.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Spark Capital, Alchemy Ventures (California), FJ Labs, Alexis Ohanian, Robot Ventures, A.Capital Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Compa Capital, Primitive Ventures, Framework Ventures, Web3 Capital (Singapore), Pantera Capital, Andromeda Capital, Nascent, Paradigm (Crypto Fund), Abstract Ventures, Wintermute Ventures, IDEO CoLab Ventures, Binance Labs, Consensys Mesh.

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