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Netlify Stock

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Founded: 2015Funding to Date: $221M
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Netlify offers a web development tool designed to design, deploy, and host contemporary websites. The company's tool provides features for hosting static websites, automating the entire build process, as well as seamless integration with Github, Bitbucket, and other applications. Netlify also offers on-site editing and cloud hosting services, enabling businesses to create websites and apps that are highly performant, secure, and scalable. Through Netlify's services, businesses can enjoy faster, safer, and cost-effective scalability.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Pioneer Fund, Ohad Eder-Pressman, Menlo Ventures, Jeremy Stoppelman, Heavybit, EQT Ventures, Eran Sandler, HubSpot Ventures, BOND Capital (San Francisco), Stewart Butterfield, Northgate Capital, Preston-Werner Ventures, Ido Safruti, Bloomberg Beta, Tom Preston-Werner, Dylan Field, at.inc/, Nadav Eylath, Designer Fund, Todd Morey, Mango Capital (Venture Capital), Adam Wiggins.

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