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Founded: 2011Funding to Date: $266M
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Modern Meadow is a pioneering protein application powerhouse that focuses on the production of bio-collagen through fermentation. Harnessing the power of proteins, the company innovates lightweight materials with enhanced color, performance, and durability. It ensures lab-to-brand traceability and significantly minimizes GHG emissions. Modern Meadow's groundbreaking technology helps maintain the skin's biological function, preserving its quality and appearance, without the need for petrochemical inputs, animal-derived materials, or chemical procedures.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Anthony Fadell, Black Point Group, ARTIS Ventures, KG Investments, Starlight Ventures, Eudaimonia Capital, Rheinest, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Build Collective, Temasek Holdings, Ulu Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Breakout Ventures, Smith Family Circle, Astanor Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Mark Davis, Stuart Peterson, Evonik Venture Capital, ICONIQ Growth, Kohala Ventures, Cape Capital, Red Swan Ventures, The World Economic Forum, Losa Group.