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Founded: 2011Funding to Date: $590M
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Mapbox is a creator of a location data platform that is customized for mobile and web applications. The company provides accurate location data and robust developer tools including APIs, SDKs, and live-updating map data complete with powerful routing engines. With traffic-aware travel times and user-friendly turn-by-turn directions, Mapbox equips developers with the necessary tools to create superior mapping, navigation, and search experiences across different platforms.

Investors Include:

Promus Ventures, Miles Grimshaw, Pritzker Group Venture Capital, GFR Fund, SoftBank Investment Advisers, Premji Invest (US), Boralis, DBL Partners, Ben Jen Holdings, Jon Winkelried, Foundry Group, Thrive Capital, J Cheng, SoftBank Group, DFJ Growth, Decacorn Capital, Snow Fox Partners.

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