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Founded: 2014Funding to Date: $360M
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Lyten is the developer of lithium-sulfur battery technology specifically designed for use in the automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors. Lyten develops an advanced material that enhances battery performance, improving the range and safety of electric vehicles and achieving a lower carbon footprint. This allows clients to access batteries with higher energy density, providing extended driving range, rapid charging, and enhanced safety.

Investors Include:

Prime Movers Lab, National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Program, Honeywell Ventures, FedEx, FootPrint Coalition Ventures, Triatomic Capital, The Capital Group Companies, Catalus Capital Management, Mark Lockareff, US Department of Homeland Security, AiiM Partners, Walbridge, National Security Innovation Capital, Stellantis, Doorga Capital, River Street Management, Stellantis Ventures, United States Department of Defense.

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