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Founded: 2020Funding to Date: $1M
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LootMogul operates a sports metaverse designed by athletes to integrate virtual real estate and training academies. Utilizing blockchain technology, their platform creates land, studios, stadiums, and experience hubs, as well as meta shops for athletes and brands. They offer a unique in-real-life (IRL) interaction that allows for royalties generation through engaging with fans via Learn&Earn and Play&Earn models. These can be easily traded on open markets. LootMogul's platform provides players with an opportunity to play, earn, and enjoy a deep gaming experience.

Investors Include:

Crunch, Gem Global Yield, Bahwan CyberTek, Ascent Advisors, NBPA, PrimeTime Radiology, SL2 Capital, Harmony One, Powerhouse Ventures, GDA Capital, U2opia Mobile.

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