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Founded: 2013Funding to Date: $283M
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Kiavi is a provider of fix-and-flip lending services designed to empower real estate investors through the use of contemporary technology. The company's services leverage technology and professional guidance to offer short-term hard money loans and home mortgage loans with an efficient application process. Kiavi offers a real estate intelligence service that gives clients a straightforward, dependable, and rapid way to secure the capital they need to grow their businesses, enabling them to promptly and reliably get the financing necessary for their projects and businesses to flourish.

Investors Include:

Ariel Poler, Colony Capital, MicroVentures, Acequia Capital, Section Partners, ZMT Capital, Renren, SBI Investment, Industrial Technology Investment, Quiet Capital, Sberbank of Russia, First Round Capital, SAB Capital, Fabrice Grinda, Cowboy Ventures, Noah Holdings, Lee Linden, Stella Maris Partners, Jose Marin, Antonio Osio, Jared Kopf, Veronorte, Foundation Capital, R136 Ventures, Inside Capital.

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