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Human Longevity stock

Human Longevity Stock

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Founded: 2013Funding to Date: $80M
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Human Longevity has developed a biotechnology platform that merges genomic and phenotypic data to expedite our understanding of human health. This platform targets the decrease in endogenous stem cell function due to aging and focuses on diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart and liver diseases, and dementia. By integrating DNA sequencing and expert analysis with machine learning, Human Longevity allows individuals to influence their health and supports the shift from reactive to proactive medicinal practices.

Investors Include:

Robert Duggan, Surender Punia, Thierry Marbach, Bryan Johnson, BB Retail Capital, Reid Robison, Adam Hudson, Steven Kaplan, Roger Kaser, Singularity (Consulting Services (B2B)), StartUp Health, Daniel Curran, Peter Diamandis, Ryan Chorazy, Synergy Growth, Rolf Mathies, Ping Wu, Oceanpine Healthcare Fund, Panacea Venture, Illumina, NKM Capital, PTK Capital, Emerging Technology Partners (Venture Capital), Amino Capital, Cyril Grislain.

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