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Industrial and Transportation

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Founded: 1900Funding to Date: $256M
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Formlabs has developed a 3D printing system aimed at creating parts with intricate geometries. Utilizing stereolithography technology, the company's platform allows users to print parts with the level of detail required for professional design and digital fabrication. In addition, Formlabs also undertakes the development of high-performance materials in-house. This empowers engineers and designers to produce 3D models of exceptional quality.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

Neoteny, Tyche Partners, Acequia Capital, Fritz Lanman, Founder Collective, LaunchCapital, Dror Berman, Eyal Gura, Adrian Aoun, E14 Fund, Scale-Up Venture Capital, West Coast Equity Partners, Maryam Eskandari, MicroVentures, DFJ Growth, UpNorth Investment, Pitango Venture Capital, Kapor Capital, Innovation Endeavors, Joichi Ito, Vintage Investment Partners, Elad Gil, Shenzhen Capital Group, Kima Ventures, Mitchell Kapor.

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