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Founded: 2013Funding to Date: $234M
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FLYR Labs has developed a revenue management platform that is designed to enhance performance and revolutionize the e-commerce experience through precise forecasting, automation, and analytics. The platform capitalizes on machine learning and predictive analytics to facilitate one-click booking or predicting flight fares. It also offers valuable information such as sell-out risk, historical price data, and price movement prediction. This enables clients to provide an intelligent method of forecasting price elasticity, seat demand, bundled offers, and also to optimize their revenue.

Investors include:
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Further Key Investors:

SV Pacific Ventures, SevenTrainVentures, Signatures Capital, Musha Ventures, AEI HorizonX, Beyond Capital Ventures, Phin Upham, Promus Ventures, Peter Thiel, Beyond Capital, Swift Ventures, Aemish Shah, Haystack Management Company, Zedcrest Group, WestCap, Brightstone Venture Capital, B8 Venture Partners, SIGMA Venture Partners, Black Kite Capital, Thiel Capital, WndrCo, Bloodhound Partners, Streamlined Ventures, Plug and Play Tech Center, Jonathan Curtis.

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