Diamond Foundry stock

Diamond Foundry Stock

Industrial and Transportation
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Founded: 2012Funding to Date: $313M
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Diamond Foundry is a manufacturer of diamonds specifically designed for the jewelry and semiconductor industries. The company provides diamonds equivalent in quality to natural gems, minus the exploitation associated with the mining industries and with a carbon-neutral footprint. This empowers consumers to buy their preferred designer jewelry and accessories.

Investors Include:

Scott Banister, To Ventures, Caspian Venture Capital, Obvious Ventures, Fine Day Ventures, Jeffrey Skoll, Vast Ventures, Mindrock Capital, Mark Pincus, Future Tech Labs, Evan Williams, Prefix Capital, Long Journey Ventures, David Spector, Alison Pincus, Fidelity Investments, GVA Capital, Andrew McCollum, Leonardo DiCaprio, Invariantes Fund, Treedom House, Spring Ventures (USA), Build Collective, Ascent Capital Advisors, PeopleFund.

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