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Founded: 2018Funding to Date: $302M
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Chipper Cash operates a money transfer platform designed to offer free, instant peer-to-peer cross-border monetary transactions. The company's platform facilitates a frictionless method of sending and receiving money for personal payments, providing financial inclusivity across various regions. Users are enabled to make efficient payments through a mobile application, without any transfer fee.

Investors Include:

AAIC Investment, SVB Capital, Zag Capital, Global FinTech Venture Partners,, The Pay It Forward Company, Catalyst Fund, Global Tech Ventures, One Way Ventures, Deep Acre, Renn Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Altun Capital, Realm Capital Ventures, Flyer One Venture, Anant Chimmalgi, Vis Capital, Bossa Invest, Kube VC, TEN13, Raptor Group, Deciens Capital, 9Yards Capital, ARK Venture Fund, Bezos Expeditions.

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