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Axiom Space Stock

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Founded: 2016Funding to Date: $208M
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Axiom Space is an operator of an international commercial space station aimed at accommodating government astronauts, tourists, private companies, and individuals for research, manufacturing, space exploration system testing, and tourism. The company facilitates global access to the international space station by executing manned missions for national and private astronauts as well as clients within the research and manufacturing sector. This enables space travelers to access a variety of space initiatives and encourages further possibilities in space exploration.

Investors Include:

SpaceFund, Rajeshri Shah, Manhattan West Asset Management, Quain Investments, Inertia Ventures, Boryung, Oleg Naydonov, Calm Ventures, Explorer Equity Group, Pegasus Tech Ventures, Chenel Capital, Alumni Ventures, Devansh Shah, Nue Capital, Starbridge Venture Capital, Morgan Brook Capital, C5 Capital, Neventa Capital, ARK Venture Fund, D/XYZ, The Venture Collective, Global Alternative Investment Management, Brian Ellerman, IBX, OurCrowd.

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