Anthropic stock

Anthropic Stock

Cloud Infrastructure and AI Hardware
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Founded: 2017Funding to Date: $7.1B
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Anthropic is a company that operates in the field of artificial intelligence safety and research, with a mission to construct trustworthy, comprehensible, and controllable large-scale artificial intelligence systems. The company focuses on enhancing the safety and dependability of these AI systems by creating innovative tools and techniques for their interpretation. This enables clients to trust these systems and produces valuable research concerning the potential benefits and hazards of artificial intelligence.

Investors Include:

Soul Ventures, Samuel Bankman-Fried, NLS Ventures, Palo Alto Growth Capital, 3LB Seed Capital, GG 1978, Ventioneers, Zoom Ventures, Caroline Ellison, SV Angel, SquareOne Capital, LG CNS, EQUIAM, Menlo Ventures, Wisdom Ventures, Goanna Capital, Lionheart Ventures, Calm Ventures, Alphabet, Ripple Impact Investments, Dustin Moskovitz, Samsung Venture Investment, XTX Ventures, Brighter Capital, Rhone VC.

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