Beyond Identity - on the Collective Liquidity portfolio"


Key Investors:

Evolution Equity Partners, Expanding Capital, Hbam, James Clark, Koch Disruptive Technologies, New Enterprise Associates, Potentum Partners.

Developer of a systems for passwordless identity management, that interface with SSO and customer applications for safe, passwordless authentication. The company's product substitutes passwords with fundamentally asymmetric-key cryptography, allowing enterprises to avoid credential-stuffing threats without altering their technology stack or operations.

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Management Team
Jasson Casey
James H. Clark
Thomas Jermoluk
Jonathan Shapira
Nick Matviko
Patrick McBride
Lili Weng
Courtney Collier
Bill Hogan
Donna Fowler
Board Members
Byron Knight
Thomas Jermoluk
James H. Clark
Taher Elgamal
Forest Baskett
Hilarie Koplow-McAdams