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Investors Include:

Sequoia Capital

Further Key Investors:

Chloe Sladden, Atlassian Ventures, Acrew Capital, LAUNCH Fund, Craft Ventures, Aaron Stein, CrowdStrike Holdings, GTMFund, HubSpot Ventures, Workday Ventures, ASDF Ventures, South Park Commons, Verissimo Ventures, Neo (Consulting Services (B2B)), Pear, Zag Capital, Y Combinator, Pioneer Fund, Jeremy Liew, Positive Sum, Terrence Rohan, Rocketfuel USA, Frontline Ventures.

Vanta develops a compliance and security automation software designed to keep consumer data safe. The platform helps businesses get and stay compliant by continuously monitoring people, systems and tools to improve security posture.

Management Team
Christina Cacioppo
Stevie Case
Rachel Fossum
Christian Fatoohi
Delaney Hertlein
Board Members
Andrew Reed
Zac Stein