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Industrial and Energy

Investors Include:

Andreessen Horowitz

Further Key Investors:

Thomas Tull, Inertia Ventures, Founder Collective, Marlinspike, Bali Venture Partners, Bloomberg Beta, SVB Capital, SV Pacific Ventures, Riot Ventures, Gaingels, Breyer Capital, Point72 Ventures, Jesse Robbins, Chaos Ventures (New York), US Innovative Technology Fund, Levitate Capital, Snowpoint Ventures, Woori Technology Investment Company, Dorm Room Fund, 10X Capital, Homebrew.

Creator of drone technology that uses artificial intelligence to safeguard both military personnel and civilians. Shield AI develops AI systems and software that allow machines to carry out complex, unscripted tasks in dynamic environments without the need for direct operator inputs. It also provides an integrated AI framework for data management and analysis, scalable simulation, and self-directed learning.

Management Team
Alexander Higgs
Ryan Tseng
Francois Chadwick
Andrew Dimitruk
Nathan Michael
Tricia Yankovich
Andrew Rieter
Brandon Tseng
Board Members
Satya Patel
Andrew T. Berlin
Brandon Tseng
Daniel Gwak
Doug Philippone
Peter Levine
Robert Stiles Harward
Ryan Tseng