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Enterprise Software

Investors Include:

New Enterprise AssociatesAccel

Further Key Investors:

Ilya Sukhar, Concept2Company Ventures, Jeff Arnold, BOND Capital (San Francisco), Leah Culver, K5 Global, Slack Fund, Nat Friedman, Evan Cooke, 500 Global.

Developer of an application monitoring system for reproducing, fixing, and resolving crashes and bugs. The company's tool displays every crash in the stack as it occurs, along with the information needed to prioritize and identify it. It also provides insight into deployments as well as information on how to reproduce and fix crashes, allowing businesses to see which errors are causing the most damage to their bottom line.

Management Team
Milin Desai
Todd Bazakas
Chris Jennings
Chris de Vylder
Board Members
Daniel Levine
Julia Schottenstein