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Enterprise Software

Investors Include:

Coatue ManagementKhosla VenturesAndreessen Horowitz

Further Key Investors:

Vibe Capital, Volt Capital, A Capital Inn, South Park Commons, Mission and Market, Bloomberg Beta, Scalable Ventures, Not Boring, Roach Capital, Sur Ventures (VC), SV Angel, Amino Capital, Contrary Capital, Fifth Down Capital, A.Capital Ventures, Abstract Ventures, ARK Ventures, Y Combinator, Reach Capital.

Replit is an online integrated development environment (IDE) that allows programmers to write, run, and collaborate on code in various programming languages. It provides a web-based interface with features like syntax highlighting, code execution, and a built-in terminal.

Management Team
Amjad Masad
Haya Odeh
Faris Masad
Cecilia Ziniti
Aman Gupta
Chase Johnson