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Data Management and Analytics

Investors Include:

Lightspeed Venture PartnersRedpoint VenturesCoatue ManagementBenchmark

Further Key Investors:

FirstMark Capital, Lead Edge Capital, Index Ventures, Yandex, Almaz Capital, Artisanal Ventures, Benchmark (San Francisco), Sarona Ventures, Burch Creative Capital, Altimeter Capital Management, 515 Ventures, Thrive Capital.

Clickhouse is a leading developer of an in-demand open-source columnar DBMS (database management system) designed for online analytical processing (OLAP). This innovative system enables users to generate real-time analytical reports using SQL queries. With unparalleled speed, ClickHouse operates 100-1000 times faster than conventional database management systems, seamlessly processing hundreds of millions to billions of rows and handling tens of gigabytes of data per server per second.

Management Team
Yury Izrailevsky
Alexey Milovidov
Lauren Ausmus
Board Members
Michelangelo Volpi
Peter Fenton