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Data Management and Analytics

Investors Include:

Greylock PartnersFounders FundGeneral AtlanticKleiner Perkins

Further Key Investors:

Spark Capital, Jigsaw Ventures, The General Partnership, Glynn Capital, Addition, Thursday Ventures, Lee Fixel, Geodesic Capital, Anti Fund, Cardinia Ventures, Lux Capital, GV, Alphabet.

The company aims to equip customers with the necessary tools to promptly address issues while effectively managing the growth of observability data. They prioritize providing customers with comprehensive and up-to-date visibility into their cloud-native infrastructure, applications, and overall business operations.

Management Team
Martin Mao
Bernie Mahon
Robert Skillington
Gabriela Serret-Campos
Agne Klasaviciene
Board Members
Brandon Reeves
Gerald C. Chen
Martin Chen Mao
Robert James Skillington