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Investors Include:

Insight PartnersAndreessen Horowitz

Further Key Investors:

Next47, Alexis Ohanian, Trinity Ventures, Heavybit, Ronald Conway, MongoDB, Hatim Shafique, Y Combinator, Aaron Iba, EQUIAM, Webb Investment Network, Felix Shpilman, Paul Buchheit, Dustin Moskovitz, Initialized Capital Management, James Lindenbaum, Jesse Robbins, DCVC, Neythri Futures Fund, Matrix Partners.

Apollo GraphQL is a renowned provider of both open source and commercial GraphQL technologies. Their expertise lies in assisting engineering teams in constructing unified graphs, which greatly expedite application development and result in enhanced, seamless user experiences. By leveraging Apollo's solutions, teams can optimize their development process and create cohesive applications that deliver exceptional quality.

Management Team
Geoffrey Schmidt
Catrina Zhang
Matthew DeBergalis
John Siebert
Nick Martin
Eli Staykova
Board Members
David Skok
Geoffrey Schmidt
Matthew DeBergalis
Peter Levine
Roderick D. Johnson
Stephanie Schatz Friedman