Locus Robotics - on the Collective Liquidity portfolio"

Industrial and Energy

Key Investors:

Bond Capital (San Francisco), Creek Capital, G2VP, Hercules Capital BDC, Hesta, Inc, Newton Investment Management, Next47, Prologis Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, Stack, Stack Capital Group, Stafford Capital Partners, The Goldman Sachs Group, Tiger Global Management, Zebra Ventures.

Locus Robotics design and build innovative autonomous mobile robots that work collaboratively alongside workers in the fast paced logistics and fulfillment industries. Workers can pick 2x-3x faster with near-100% accuracy and less labor, delivering higher productivity and a better workplace. The LocusEmpower(TM) system easily integrates into existing warehouse infrastructure without reconfiguring or disrupting workflows or infrastucture. The Locus system delivers unparalleled flexibility in moving inventory and orders through a fulfillment center.

Management Team
Rick Faulk
Michael Johnson
Dustin Pederson
Sean Johnson
Jasmine Lombardi
Karen Leavitt
Tracy Simek
Al Dekin
Lawrence Griffin
Board Members
Christopher Gaffney
John G. Hayes
Mark Midle
Michael C. Johnson
Rick Faulk
Rory T. O'Driscoll
Zach Barasz